Data Visualization

Translating Big Data

RippleNami focuses specifically on translating big data that originates from combining millions of records from multiple databases into organized and easily digestible data visualization.

Our data visualization techniques, specifically for non-technical users, provides the best combination of charts, tables and maps that enable an easy path for investigation and gain insights effectively.

Organizing data into a coherent visual display that can be interpreted and understood is critical to the decision process. In particular, RippleNami’s geographic information system (GIS) platform is an essential platform for visually managing, analyzing, and displaying each taxable parcel of land. The platform ingests strategic data sets via multiple sources such as satellite imagery, the workforce, and information technology. The digitized data, in a secure and user-friendly geospatial format displayed on a map, does not require a GIS background to view and manipulate the analysis data.

Location Data

The addresses take the form of an icon, reference an actual location on the earth, representing the visual centre of each tax parcel. This process mitigates situations where there are no proper plot numbers or street names. The icons allow access to more detailed information about the property at that location, with overlays of information about property owners, landlords and tenants. Additionally, RippleNami’s proprietary technology allows anyone from any location with the appropriate permissions to upload pictures and videos via mobile devices, providing critical information directly from the field.

Modernizing Tax Systems

The tax map is invaluable technology assisting the assessor in pursuing real property and rental tax equity. The tax map is a graphic display of each assessing unit’s land inventory. It can record and analyse property transfers, record other features pertinent to the land valuation, and assist in pursuing property and rental tax.