Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has only risen to prominence over the last five years. Artificial intelligence is a vast set of applications that provide new analysis capabilities not previously available. One example of artificial intelligence is machine learning. Machine learning offers systems with the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed automatically. A key ingredient of machine learning is to have a large data sample to characterise the historical data used to derive predictive algorithms. For example, the FICO credit score uses machine learning, analysing millions of data records across hundreds of variables. A credit score (or credit rating) is a number representing the credit reliability of an individual or company, the likelihood that they will pay back their financial debts. Lenders, like financial institutions and credit card firms, use credit scores like the FICO score to assess the prospective risk caused by providing loan to customers.

AI Development

RippleNami has expertise in AI development, guiding customers on leveraging the latest in AI technology, enabling powerful business advantages. Coupling AI expertise, with advanced technical architecture, delivers rapid application development and superior enterprise applications.

Predictive Models​

Our latest Uganda project involves the development of predictive models for both property value and rental tax estimations. This AI project consists of the analysis of thousands of properties across multiple data sets using supervised and unsupervised analytic models. Another project involves the development of a scoring model which assist the prioritisation of workload priority based on hundreds of variables.

Built across the latest enterprise architecture, our AI models enable the rapid deployment of new analytic models into existing platforms.