Armed Forces Services Directory

The Armed Forces Services Directory is driven by RippleNami’s rVIEW® mapping application. Services have been grouped into easy to navigate categories such as Education and Training, Employment, Finances etc., greatly simplifying the process for military personnel, veterans and their families to find the services they desperately need and deserve, in proximity to their location. rVIEW can be embedded into any website. As updates are made, they are pushed to the map with no coding or website development needed to display the updates. If rVIEW is hosted in more than one website, all of the instances are updated at the same time.

Each instance of rVIEW can be customized to match the colors and styling of the hosting website. It is a completely white-labeled solution with your own logos and branding. IOS and Android mobile apps are available for free download by your end users. Anonymous user interactions from all sources feed into RippleNami’s analytics platform, helping the UK Ministry of Defense to make more informed, targeted and effective funding decisions.

Social prescribing, sometimes referred to as community referral, is a means of enabling GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services.

To facilitate the social prescribing initiative, National Health System has embedded RippleNami’s Armed Forces Services Directory into their intranet as a social prescribing toolkit to assist GP’s in identifying and prescribing support for veterans and military families.The toolkit is designed to enable the healthcare professional to sit with the service user and enable them to identify the support best suited to their needs.