RippleNami is a technology company working to deliver innovative solutions to people across the globe to solve critical problems, empower nations, and provide people with real-time information to connect and create positive change. Delivering scalable web and mobile applications, RippleNami supports governments, businesses, and individuals with traceable and transparent technology solutions.

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In today’s age of hyper-connectivity, there’s so much data that it’s easy to get lost in it all. Organizations need to be able to quickly visualize what’s happening and changing in the world. Governments, businesses, NGOs, and veterans services rely on RippleNami to make sure that their information is relevant, up to date, and easy to understand. RippleNami’s technology puts data to work for you.

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The RippleNami Mission

Imagine a world...

Where you have all the data that is important to you at your fingertips

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A Ripple of Data Becomes
a TsuNami of Information

RippleNami’s suite of products facilitates traceability and transparency, starting with identity and data collection, aggregation, visualization, and analytics. The technology is easily customisable, user-friendly, and cost-effective, enabling organizations to assemble and quickly access data critical to their operations. RippleNami brings decades of technical leadership, project management, solutions architecture, and system integration experience.